Alcohol Addiction Therapy Programs in Michigan

Michigan has implemented various therapies for its drug and alcohol abuse problems. Here is a brief summary of some of the therapies that are used in the addiction treatment program.

Twelve Step Program

This is certainly the most popular treatment program all over the world today. Initially developed for the Alcoholics Anonymous, today the Twelve Step Program is used for the treatment of various kinds of addictions.

The basic premise of this problem is in first accepting the program. Once this is done, the person accepts the need for a higher power for recovery and chooses a representative to guide him or her through the treatment process. This representative then makes the person aware of the mistakes that has happened due to the substance abuse or alcoholism and sets the person on a mission to rectify these wrongs. In the process, the person sets out on a journey of recovery.


Cognitive Behavioral Treatment

The Cognitive Behavioral Treatment Program or CBT as it is called is another popular program used in the addiction treatment process. This program aims at improving the behavior of the person by influencing his or her way of thinking.

The person is made to realize that he or she is not unwanted and that their actions can be modified with least repercussions.

Individual Treatment Program in Michigan

The main focus of the Individual Treatment Program is to set the person apart from the crowd and to deal with personal issues. This therapy works for people who have complexes in groups and who have certain mental conditions of their own.

There are several other programs used in the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction in Michigan and you must get educated on them before choosing the right program for yourself.

Michigan Addiction Support Hotlines

adrian – (517) 759-1686 Mount Clemens – (586) 276-7452
Ann Arbor – (734) 619-6682 Roseville – (586) 439-0608
Belleville – (734) 619-6688 Saginaw – (989) 607-5595
Detroit – (313) 887-0305 Traverse City – (231) 225-9273
Grand Rapids – (616) 328-6370 Vassar – (989) 262-4437
Holland – (616) 499-7106 Warren – (586) 276-7441
Howell – (517) 618-9447 Wyandotte – (734) 619-6685
Kalamazoo – (269) 200-4743
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