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A number of rehab facilities have been established in Nebraska to help individuals who suffer from drug abuse and alcoholism. Unfortunately, the vast majority of treatment centers in Nebraska have a primarily goal of supporting patients during the initial period of withdrawal or medical detox. The rehab facilities which focus on long-term treatment to aid in recovery and prevent future relapse through a variety of methods are fewer in number.

Nebraska Addiction Support Hotlines

Bellevue – (402) 261-2767 Norfolk – (402) 261-2768
Bellevue – (402) 296-8255 Omaha – (402) 261-2757
Lincoln – (402) 261-2758 Omaha – (402) 296-8256

However, by doing some careful research, it is possible find the best treatment facility in Nebraska that will suit an individual’s needs. Treatment programs are available throughout the state, including Northe Platte, Lincoln, Norfolk, Freemonth, Grand Island, Kearney, and Columbus, as well as many other locations.

The Best Addiction Treatment in Nebraska

Choosing the best alcohol treatment or drug treatment center for a person’s unique needs is essential. Doing so will offer the best chances of a recovery without future relapses. Many addicts who deal with drug abuse and alcoholism have spent time in a number of different rehabilitation programs.

Doing careful research and making an educated decision when picking an addiction recovery program can help prevent this from happening. The most effective addiction treatment center will vary from person to person. The following are some factors to consider when making this important decision.

Duration of Addiction Recovery Treatment

Studies have proven that the amount of time a patient spends in a treatment center can have a huge affect on whether they ultimately recover from the alcoholism or drug abuse. In general, the longer the treatment program, the better the chances for long-term recovery. Addicts who have been using drugs or alcohol for years and have been unable to quit should spend the maximum amount of time in a rehab facility. However, it is impossible to predict how long they will actually need to be there before they enter the addiction recover program.

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Type of Rehab Facility in Nebraska

Various rehab facilities for drug abuse and alcoholism provide different types of treatments. Many treatment centers will do an evaluation to find out if their program will suit an individual’s needs. The wrong type of treatment program could ultimately be ineffective, so it’s important to choose wisely. Options of different treatment modalities include behavioral therapy, cognitive therapy, twelve-step programs, the Sober Living Program, counseling, alternative therapies and medicines, and support groups, as well as others.

After Care in Treatment Programs

After care means providing ongoing support to the patient after they leave the main part of the addiction recovery program. This is very important for keeping an addict motivated and on the right path to rehabilitation. Unfortunately, many rehabilitation centers do not offer after care. If at all possible, find one that does. This simple element could mean the difference in whether or not the patient relapses back to alcoholism or drug abuse. The longer an individual has had an addiction problem with alcohol or drugs, the more they need and will benefit from a treatment facility with an after care program.

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