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There are many different options of rehab facilities that treat alcoholism and drug abuse in Minnesota. People in this state who suffer from addiction should research the opportunities that exist to find a treatment program that will work best for their individual needs. The bigger cities like St. Paul, Minneapolis, and Bloomington all provide options to help addicts on their paths to recovery. The less urban areas of Minnesota have addiction recovery programs available as well.

Alcoholism Rehab Facilities in Minnesota

A person who suffers from an addiction to alcohol can receive help at one of many alcohol rehabilitation programs. The purpose of alcohol rehab is to help a person overcome a drinking problem by providing the resources and tools to ensure the best chance of recovery. One of the most popular alcohol treatments is the twelve-step program. There are residential treatment centers available for those who have been battling alcoholism long-term and have had trouble will previous relapses. Inpatient rehab facilities provide the best chances for recovery without relapse. Individuals who have only had a drinking problem for a short period of time may be able to benefit from a shorter term or outpatient treatment program.

The best course of action varies from person to person and is dependent upon each individual’s unique circumstances. Those who refuse treatment could benefit from an alcohol intervention, in which family and friends try to help the addict see his or her problems more clearly and encourage getting involved in a treatment program. All of the rehabilitation options mentioned are offered at various locations in Minnesota.

Drug Treatment Centers in Minnesota

Drug rehabilitation programs are set up to help people overcome the debilitating disease of drug addiction. Long-term recovery without relapse, which will allow addicts to live productive and normal lives, is the ultimate goal. Like alcohol addiction treatment programs, drug rehab facilities offer a variety of options in Minnesota. There are also residential and outpatient rehab options for drug abuse. Some rehab facilities offer resources for dual diagnosis.

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Drug rehab, as well as alcohol rehab, begins with the process of physical detoxification. This is the period in which the body adjusts to not having these chemicals in it. The withdrawal period can be painful and make the patient feel very sick. Medications are available at addiction treatment centers to minimize the discomfort associated with medical detox. However, this medicine does not improve the chances of ultimate recovery.

The patient’s willingness to stay in the program and follow its rules is essential to not relapsing after detox. Medical detox is the first step addiction recovery, but it is not the only step. Physical detox is the process of replenishing the body after the drugs and alcohol are out of the system. Emotional detox is just as important as the other two to avoid relapse in the future. Rehab facilities in Minnesota have trained counselors on staff to assist patients in rebuilding their lives without substance abuse. This is a large task for someone who has deal with drug abuse or alcoholism for years.

Minnesota Addiction Support Hotlines

Anoka – (763) 244-1129 Minneapolis – (612) 293-3769
Apple Valley – (952) 223-1135 Minneapolis – (763) 244-1135
Apple Valley – (952) 657-7853 Minneapolis – (952) 657-7856
Cloquet – (218) 878-9947 Moorhead – (218) 206-8410
Cottage Grove – (651) 964-3134 Osseo – (763) 447-3216
Duluth – (218) 206-8310 Rochester – (507) 322-3443
Eden Prairie – (952) 657-7857 Saint Cloud – (320) 281-0847
Fairmont – (507) 399-0072 St. Paul – (651) 204-9116
Le Sueur – (507) 322-3471 Stillwater – (651) 964-3129

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