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Out of 788,000 alcoholics in Pennsylvania in 2005, only 748,000 of them did not receive the alcohol intervention they needed. In the same year of 281,000 drug addicts, 252,000 of them did not receive the drug intervention they needed to get on the road to recovery. Alcoholism and drug abuse is a growing problem throughout the United States and Pennsylvania is no different.

Pennsylvania Addiction Hotlines

Allentown – (484) 846-6263 Landsale – (267) 415-1524
Bristol – (267) 415-1112 Mechanicsburg – (717) 798-9698
Carlisle – (717) 798-9647 Philadelphia – (267) 244-9226
Doylestown – (267) 337-6914 Wilkes Barre – (570) 213-7941
Gibsonia – (724) 400-4274 Williamsport – (570) 213-7942
Gibsonia – (724) 498-0421 York – (717) 779-1377
Lancaster – (717) 798-9650

There are a variety of Pennsylvania addiction treatment centers available to help with addiction recovery throughout the state; however there is a need for more, as is obvious by the statistics. Much of the reason that so many addicts did not receive the intervention and help they needed is because addicts are mostly incapable of asking for help. Many of them are too far into their addictions to voice the need for help, and if they can tell someone they need help, they often don’t take the next steps necessary to get into a Pennsylvania drug rehab program or Pennsylvania alcohol treatment center.

It is much easier for an addict to revert to what they know – back to the addiction that provides them comfort and numbness from the pain they are experiencing.

Pennsylvania addiction treatment includes more than just detoxification. Pennsylvania alcohol rehab programs and drug rehabilitation includes giving addicts the tools to go back to society and function without drugs or alcohol. Pennsylvania drug and alcohol treatment will teach them the skills they need to cope with daily life, pressures and stresses without alcohol and drugs. These tools and skills are essential for full addiction recovery.

get_help_nowAddiction treatment is not a quick process – it’s a life-long process. Addicts are addicts forever and anything can send them back to where they were as an addict. They need support, help and reinforcement throughout their lives to stay away from their addiction and lead a full, sober life. Pennsylvania drug treatment and alcohol rehab programs include a variety of different formulas, some of which replace addictions with other drugs to help ease the physical detoxification process, while others offer a drug free alternative. It’s important that you choose the Pennsylvania addiction treatment that is right for you. There are in patient treatment programs, short and long term facilities, out patient counseling services as well as a web of follow up and support programs that are crucial to addiction recovery.

group-therapyHaving a solid support system within friends, family and community is an integral part of the healing and rehabilitation process for alcoholics and drug abusers. Without this web of support, the success rate of alcohol intervention and drug rehabilitation is much lower.

The figures are already abysmal, but there is hope. A Pennsylvania alcohol rehab program or drug treatment center can help you with addiction recovery and getting back to your life.

Help is only a few steps away – you’ve already taken the most important step in the addiction recovery process – admitting that you need help.

There’s no shame in seeking help for your alcoholism or drug abuse issues, in fact, it’s an important step that will get you on the road to recovery.

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