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  • 270,000. This is the estimated number of South Carolina alcoholics.
  • 103,000. This is the estimated number of South Carolina drug addicts.
  • 254,000. This is the estimated number of South Carolina alcoholics that didn’t receive alcohol rehabilitation treatment.
  • 95,000. This is the estimated number of South Carolina drug addicts that didn’t receive drug rehabilitation treatment.

Those statistics are alarming and appalling, especially since there are a number of South Carolina alcohol treatment centers and drug rehab programs available to help addicts recover from their addictions.  The sad fact is that alcoholism and drug abuse are on the rise in South Carolina, and the number of addicts is only getting higher than the 2005 statistics. With the rise in addicts in South Carolina, there is also a rise in the rates of crime, poverty, abuse and violence in the communities. Help is available for people in South Carolina who have a problem with alcoholism or drug abuse and their families.

Many South Carolina addicts are past the point of being able to seek help for their addictions on their own. Some may be able to voice the need for help but don’t often take the steps that are necessary to get the South Carolina addiction treatment they need. With a variety of South Carolina treatment centers throughout the state, there is a program that is right for each individual.  Each of the South Carolina rehab facilities offers a different program for addiction treatment – some use medications for the process while others offer a drug free option. Regardless, they all offer after care, support groups, outpatient counseling and follow up services to help addicts with their continuing addiction recovery.

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Anderson – (864) 642-2458 Greenville – (864) 551-2398
Charleston – (843) 277-6472 Mount Pleasant – (843) 206-0351
Charleston – (843) 277-9136 Orangeburg – (803) 675-5084
Clover – (803) 675-5067 Orangeburg – (803) 720-5190
Columbia – (803) 675-5087 Orangeburg – (803) 720-5190
Columbia – (803) 720-5204 Sumter – (803) 720-5181
Columbia – (803) 720-5204 Sumter – (803) 720-5181
Florence – (843) 206-0371 Taylors – (864) 551-2406

Treatment AssistanceAddiction recovery is a life long process – there’s no magic wand to wave to make everything better and the addiction go away. For most alcoholics, they can never have another drink. One leads to another and soon, they are back to being an alcohol addict requiring another alcohol intervention and another stint in an alcohol treatment center. For drug users, they can’t hang out with their old buddies who are still doing drugs, the temptation is too great. One small hit, just socially will inevitably lead back to a drug addiction and the need for more drug rehab programs.

Addiction treatment lasts for life – it’s an ongoing process in which the addict needs a firm and solid web of support to help them when they feel the pull back towards the numbing comfort of their addiction.

Alcoholism and drug abuse affects everyone – the addicts, their friends, families and communities. It takes a village to help with addiction recovery. Addicts who know they have a firm support system to fall back on when they feel weak against their powerful addictions are much more likely to have successful addiction recovery than people who have little or no support.

Help is available from a variety of South Carolina drug treatment centers and alcohol rehabilitation programs. Pick up the phone and find the help you, or your loved one, needs today and get back to your life addiction free.

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