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Statistics show that 448,000 people had an alcoholism problem or dependency on alcohol and 168,000 people were drug abusers. The studies also show that 442,000 people did not get alcohol rehabilitation and 136,000 people didn’t receive any drug intervention, although they needed help from a Virginia treatment facility.

Virginia Addiction Support Hotlines

Arlington – (703) 651-9151 Norfolk – (757) 273-8036
Blacksburg – (540) 443-6518 Norfolk – (757) 337-2939
Chesapeake – (757) 512-7669 Petersburg – (804) 835-6658
Fairfax-Vienna – (703) 651-9161 Richmond – (804) 767-4408
Hampton – (757) 315-8820 Virginia Beach – (757) 301-5097
Midlothian – (804) 302-5207 Virginia Beach – (757) 561-2606
Newport News – (757) 273-8028 Warrenton – (540) 266-3116

There is help available for alcoholism and drug abuse in Virginia.

There are many different types of alcohol and drug rehab programs that are available that many people who have an addiction problem don’t realize exist or haven’t yet made use of. These intervention facilities are ready to provide you with the treatment program that will work best for you.

get_help_nowThere are a few different types of treatment centers available using different addiction treatment programs. There are outpatient facilities, inpatient facilities, short and long term residential intervention centers, as well as follow up and after care programs. Some programs offer a drug-free environment that uses alternate methods instead of medications. Regardless of which type of program is right for you, it’s important that you have a lot of follow up care and that you are involved in an ongoing Virginia addiction treatment program that will be there to support you when you need help.

Addiction recovery can happen, even for an addict who has been abusing drugs and/or alcohol for years. Addiction is a major issue in Virginia and the availability of drugs and alcohol is soaring to epic proportions. With these substances readily available, drug abuse and alcoholism is on the rise and the Virginia alcohol rehab programs and Virginia drug treatment centers are becoming over-taxed.

Virginia addiction treatment affects everyone that is around the addict – families, friends and the communities that they live in.

Treatment AssistanceWhile an alcohol or drug intervention may be a difficult thing to deal with for the families and friends, it’s not as difficult as living with drug abusers and alcoholics on a daily basis. As the number of Virginians who are abusing alcohol and drugs rises, so do the crime rates, poverty, violence and abuse throughout the state. It is undoubted that addictions and crime, abuse and poverty are related – however there is hope with Virginia drug rehab programs and alcohol treatment centers that all of these statistics will decrease and that the stress on families, friends and communities will begin to lessen.

If you are an addict, the first stages of drug rehabilitation and alcohol treatment are the most difficult; however by coming here for information on Virginia treatment centers for alcoholism and drug abuse, you’ve already taken one of the most difficult first steps – admitting that you need help.

The process of detoxification is more than just getting drugs and alcohol out of your system. At any of the Virginia treatment facilities, you will find that getting these toxins out of your system is difficult, but not the most difficult part of addiction recovery. Learning how to cope with life without falling back to drugs and alcohol is also difficult.

You need to learn how to deal with stress and daily issues that trigger alcoholism and drug abuse for your life.

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