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Help is available for alcoholism and drug abuse in Oregon with a variety of Oregon treatment centers that specialize in detoxification. If you are looking for information on Oregon treatment centers for alcohol rehabilitation and drug rehab, you’ve already taken an important first step in the detox process – admitting that you need help.

Oregon Addiction Support Hotlines

Albany – (541) 435-0314 HoodRiver – (541) 537-4297
Beaverton – (503) 406-2518 Medford – (541) 326-0839
Beaverton – (503) 828-9817 Portland – (503) 406-2421
Bend – (541) 647-6418 Portland – (503) 512-5319
Coos Bay – (541) 435-0309 Roseburg – (541) 378-6675
Eugene – (541) 225-5071 Salem – (503) 406-2408
Grants Pass – (541) 787-4863 West Linn – (503) 406-2414
Gresham – (503) 512-5312

234,000 is the estimated number of Oregon citizens who had a problem with alcohol
88,000 is the estimated number of Oregon citizens who had an issue with drugs
226,000 is the estimated number of Oregon alcoholics that didn’t receive alcohol rehabilitation treatment
83,000 is the estimated number of Oregon drug addicts that didn’t receive drug rehabilitation treatment

Those statistics are alarming and appalling, especially since there are a number of Oregon alcohol treatment centers and drug rehab programs available to help addicts recover from their addictions.  The sad fact is that alcoholism and drug abuse are on the rise in Oregon, and the number of addicts is only getting higher than the 2005 statistics. With the rise in addicts in Oregon, there is also a rise in the rates of crime, poverty, abuse and violence in the communities. Help is available for people in Oregon who have a problem with alcoholism or drug abuse and their families.

There are Oregon treatment centers available to help addicts get on the road to recovery. This road is long and arduous and is, unfortunately, often unsuccessful. The key to successful addiction recovery is Oregon drug rehab programs an alcohol treatment centers as well as a web of support in the community and families of the addicts. Without a web of support, addicts are much more likely to be unsuccessful at their addiction treatment.

get_help_nowThere are a variety of methods of detoxification and addiction treatment available at Oregon alcohol and drug rehab facilities. Some of them offer a drug free option while others use medication to help the process.

Regardless of the type of Oregon rehabilitation you choose, they all have one thing in common – the teaching of skills and the giving of tools to the addicts so they can return to society as a sober, contributing and functional member. Without these tools and support, addicts more often than not return to their addictions for comfort and out of sheer habit.

While in an Oregon drug rehab program or alcohol treatment center, addicts will learn the tools to cope with life and deal with daily stressors that in the past led them to their addictions. Learning these skills, while in an Oregon addiction treatment center, is crucial to the success of the drug or alcohol intervention. However, support after the drug and alcohol rehab program is also essential and this support comes from family, friends and the communities that the addicts live in, as well as the follow up programs and outpatient counseling that is available in Oregon.

Help is available for anyone living in Oregon from any of the treatment centers throughout the state and it is only a phone call away. Don’t be ashamed to choose life over drugs and alcohol, call today.

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