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There are resources for those seeking drug treatment in Connecticut available throughout the state. There are plenty of places where drugs will tempt the recovering addict, it is important that several avenues are offered for recovery. Addiction did not occur in one day, or on its own. As you set down the road to recovery do not expect it to be easy. By putting the same effort in to your recovery that you did into your addiction you can reach addiction recovery. You don’t have to do it alone though, the drug treatment centers in Connecticut offer various forms of assistance to suit the different levels of addiction addicts may have experienced.

For the addicts who have used drugs for an extended period of time the first phase of recovery, detox, can be daunting. It is in fact so daunting to many that it is often enough to keep those struggling with drug abuse, from even attempting a treatment program. Detox does not have to be the unbearable withdrawal that it is so often associated with. Several drug treatment centers in Connecticut offer drugs that are designed to ease the withdrawal process. While they can not remove all the discomfort associated with withdrawal they can greatly reduce the duration, as well as the severity of the experience.

When the addicts history of drug abuse is so severe that this type of drug is required it is often dispensed to the addict while they are in an inpatient drug or alcohol treatment facility. As the detox begins to take effect, the addicts mind becomes better prepared to participate in the drug treatment process. The addict can then participate in the various forms of counseling offered to those seeking addiction recovery.

The one on one counseling sessions offer the addict the opportunity to acclimate himself to the process of therapy. It also gives him a chance to discuss privately those items which he may not be prepared to discuss in front of a group.

Group therapy provides the addict with a clear picture of the path to a successful drug treatment program. Not only will they see in their peers the various stages of success. The overall group represents the fact that rehabilitation from drug abuse is possible. As the various pitfalls and danger zones of recovery are discussed the newly recovering addict has the opportunity to gain knowledge they would otherwise have to gain by facing these pitfalls unprepared, on their own.

125x125-toll-freeOnce the addict feels that daily care as well as daily counseling is not longer needed they can transition to an out-patient drug treatment center. In these treatment facilities the addict will find the same types of counseling offered. This also gives the addict time to work on the areas of life outside of rehabilitation from drug abuse. This support system of friends and work will be the strength of the addict when they are prepared to live a life of rehabilitation on their own.

When that time comes the addict can choose to enroll in aftercare. Aftercare drug treatment offers resources that the recovering addict can fall back on at any time

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Danbury – (203) 297-6075 New London – (860) 812-4305
Fairfield – (203) 297-6113 New Milford – (860) 946-8550
Hartford – (860) 577-8655 Norwich – (860) 812-4307
Hartford – (860) 986-7362 Putnam – (860) 986-7636
Manchester – (860) 288-5354 Stamford – (203) 274-8989
New Britain – (860) 812-4314 Torrington – (860) 986-7642
New Haven – (203) 764-2028 Waterbury – (203) 721-6030

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