Day Treatment Programs for Substance Abuse in Delaware

An addiction is bad enough, but what is worse is that the addiction can drastically interfere with the normal working of an individual.

A person does not realize this while he or she is getting addicted, but soon enough the addiction will begin taking toll on the work. Performance will begin sagging and attendance will start dwindling.

This is one of those times when people consider treatment for their condition, but again the realization that such treatment will mean giving up work may become a deterrent. Fortunately, states like Delaware have options for working men and women who need addiction treatment and still want to keep their jobs.

Delaware Substance Abuse Hotlines

Dover – (302) 342-8851 New Castle – (302) 491-0880
Felton – (302) 342-8812 New Castle – (302) 504-4958
Hockessin – (302) 294-0983 Newark – (302) 294-0986
Milford – (302) 279-4355 Wilmington – (302) 504-4956

The option for such kind of addiction treatment in Delaware is the day treatment center. A day treatment center is exactly what its name suggests. You go there during the day to seek your treatment, everyday, but then you return back to your normal living environment each day too. At a day treatment center for drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Delaware, you will have to spend three to four hours a day in the therapeutic center. Weekend programs differ from one center to another. The sessions are mostly about monitoring the progress of the treatment and providing counsel on how to recover from addiction and get into a sober life.

The best advantage of such an addiction treatment program in Delaware and in other states is that people can keep on working while they are getting their treatment. The hours can be adjusted in such a manner that they can continue attending their places of work. Also, if they have an employer sponsored plan, they may not have to pay for such treatment either.

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