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Defining Alcohol Abuse and Addiction in Alabama

Contrary to popular opinion, alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction are not one and the same thing. The addiction treatment program of Alabama is an example of the programs that lay emphasis on this point. They make it very clear that abuse and addiction are two different things and it is quite important to know this difference because the treatment that a person gets will depend on whether his or her condition is a case of alcohol abuse or alcohol addiction.

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Meth Abuse and Addiction in Alabama

Methamphetamine abuse has increased enormously in the state of Alabama in the last few years. Over the last century, this substance has been promoted from being a yuppie new entrant in the market of substance abuse in Alabama to being the number one addiction within the state.

In the last two years,

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Treatment Options for Alcohol Addiction in Alabama

One of the most obvious distinguishing factors of the alcohol treatment program in Alabama is the diversity.

The programs here range from the simple outpatient treatment programs which are nothing more than counseling treatment programs and on the other hand there are the drastic residential treatment programs that are targeted at the people whose addictions have gone to such an extent that recovery is difficult.

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