Daycare Addiction Treatment vs Outpatient Programs in Massachusetts

The two prominent methods of addiction treatment in Massachusetts are the outpatient treatment program and the daycare treatment program. Both of these serve at bringing people out of mild addiction problems while allowing people to continue living in their familiar surroundings.

However, because these programs are so similar in the way they are conducted, it becomes difficult to decide which of them would be most suitable for you.

To confuse the issue further, there are the intensive outpatient treatment programs too. Let us see what these programs actually provide.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment Programs

These are the most popular addiction treatment modes for alcoholism and substance abuse in Massachusetts. Here, you will be required to attend treatment programs for about nine hours a week in staggered sessions, about 3 or 4, in a week. During this program, you will be monitored for your progress and counseled on how to stay away from the addiction. This program can be conducted individually or in a group format.

Massachusetts Addiction Treatment Hotlines

Attleboro – (508) 858-5466 Marlboro – (508) 377-4614
Boston – (617) 307-4464 New Bedford – (508) 630-9505
Brighton – (617) 206-3810 Peabody – (978) 233-0639
Brocton – (508) 858-5322 Peabody – (978) 384-1201
Fitchburg – (978) 384-1206 Plymouth – (508) 689-7703
Gardner – (978) 384-1205 Quincy – (617) 250-8519
Holyoke – (413) 650-5603 Springfield – (413) 306-3232
Lawrence – (978) 233-2133 Sterling – (978) 384-1148
Lynn – (781) 780-5658 Westfield – (413) 485-7002
Malden – (781) 780-5669 Woburn – (781) 780-5671

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs

These programs are stronger in their outlook than the outpatient treatment programs for tackling alcohol and drug addiction in Massachusetts. Here you will be expected to visit the treatment center for a longer period each week, which could be up to 12 hours or more. Everything that happens in an outpatient program is done here too, only more aggressively.

Day Care Treatment Programs

The day care treatment program is a way of answering the problem of drug and alcohol addiction in Massachusetts by making the patients attend regular therapies on a daily basis. Each day, they attend for about four hours and they are coached intensively on addiction treatment. Therapy includes individual counseling, group counseling and monitoring.

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