Alcohol Treatment Programs for Teens

Alcoholism is one of the most rampant addictions of the world. The reason behind it is that it is so easily available. Alcohol is one of those addictive substances that is not banned in any state and can be easily exposed to kids either by way of their parents drinking or through movies and television. That is the reason why alcohol abuse can begin at a very early age, much earlier than a drug abuse. Some alarming statistics state that the average age of kids consuming alcohol for the first time is 10 to 11 years.

That is the reason why alcohol rehab is targeted at young teens also. There is a significant different between alcohol addiction in teens and in adults. In teens since the alcohol habit has just begun, it is easier to eliminate it and the withdrawal symptoms during the detox will be negligible, But, in older people, the addiction will be much more deep rooted and difficult to eradicate.

The first part of an alcohol rehab for teens is a counseling session in which the harmful effects of alcohol will be clearly elucidated. These counseling sessions are very stringent, even bordering on scolding obstinate teens so that they may give up the bottle. Of course, parental intervention is a much-needed aspect to make such programs a success.

Teens mostly do not want inpatient treatment for their alcohol detox program. Under the guidance of the medical officer, it can be done at home. However, the counseling is quite important and coupled with the right kind of aftercare, the teen can be permanently brought out of the alcohol addiction.

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