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Alcohol abuse and drug addiction places a heavy burden on Texas and all of its communities. Not only affecting the abuser of drugs or alcohol, families and friends often suffer the consequences of alcoholism and drug addiction. Texas has treatment available in the form of drug and alcohol intervention programs, rehabilitation, and addiction recovery and drug and alcohol treatment facilities. Admitting that you or a loved one needs help is the first step, and actually taking advantage of the available resources is the next.

Texas Addiction Support Hotlines

Arlington – (817) 381-3219 Houston – (281) 552-8909
Austin – (512) 501-6322 Houston – (281) 907-9551
Baytown – (281) 907-9537 Houston – (832) 413-5337
Brownsville – (956) 205-0292 Katy – (281) 907-9538
Carrollton – (214) 390-3897 La Feria – (956) 205-0285
Dallas – (214) 666-8479 Laredo – (956) 284-0645
Dallas – (469) 941-0561 Lewisville – (469) 645-1168
Dallas – (972) 793-8821 Mcallen – (956) 284-0649
Denton – (940) 228-3168 Mission – (956) 205-0280
Edinburg – (956) 287-3693 Plano – (469) 645-1187
El Paso – (915) 288-3005 San Antonio – (210) 319-4417
Fort Worth – (682) 200-1764 Sealy – (979) 221-6175
Fort Worth – (817) 231-0381 Smithville – (512) 501-6344
Grand Prairie – (972) 793-8824 Sugar Land – (281) 907-9535

Alcoholism, drug abuse or addiction, directly affect the lives of the abusers and addicts families, friends and the people in their communities. Broken homes, failed relationships, lost jobs, bad health and financial ruin are just a few of the results in store for the abuser of drugs or alcohol. Often leading to imprisonment or death, all of this makes great demands on the families and communities emotional and financial resources. An addict or abuser of drugs or alcohol in the later stages of addiction is often not capable of obtaining required help for themselves. Intervention is then required in order to start the process of treatment and eventual recovery. In most cases, intervention is achieved through a family member or close friend.

get_help_nowThere is a need for more drug and alcohol treatment facilities as evidenced by statistics taken in Texas in 2005. An estimated 1,386,000 residents were abusers of, or dependent upon alcohol while only 50,000 residents actually received rehab treatment. Further to this, there were an estimated 503,000 residents of Texas who had an illicit drug abuse, dependence or addiction, and that only 43,000 received drug addiction treatment.

As the numbers of those with drug and alcohol related problems grow, so too does the crime rate and instances of violence in our communities. An addict or abuser of drugs or alcohol will do whatever it takes to satisfy their addiction.

Although there are many hard working, dedicated professionals staffing the existing alcohol and drug treatment centers, the rate of success for addiction recovery is low. With more treatment facilities, public awareness and community involvement, the possibilities for a higher success rate increases. There is a common goal that unites the staff in the various drug and alcohol programs and treatment centers. That goal is to return the addict or abuser to his community, family and friends as a productive, addiction free citizen.

You are not alone. Texas has the resources in place to help you or your loved one overcome a drug or alcohol related problem.

Along with drug and alcohol intervention programs, addiction recovery, drug and alcohol rehab programs and treatment facilities, there are many different levels of care offered. Detoxification, 30 day in-patient programs, long term residential treatment of 60 days or more, out-patient counseling and follow up are just a few.

In many cases, the continued support of family and friends will make the difference in the success of any rehab or addiction recovery process.

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