Maine Rehabilitation and Intervention for Drug Abuse & Alcohol Abuse

Alcoholism Help

Alcoholism and drug abuse are unfortunately common in Maine. Teens appear to be especially affected in this state. However, there are a number of rehab facilities and treatment programs offering help for residents. Doing proper research into the addiction treatment options that are available will help ensure a good match between the patient and the facility.

Drug Abuse in Maine

The two most popular illegal drugs in this state are Cocaine and Heroine. Marijuana, Khat, LSD, and MDMA are also common there. Drug trafficking and abuse have become a problem here. Due to the harsh nature of the most common drugs, like heroine, drug abuse has contributed to violent crimes in the state. This is why it is important for people who are suffering from an addiction of one or many of these substances to seek help through a treatment program.

Alcoholism in Maine

In one study done on alcohol use among teenagers in Maine, just under half of the sixth through twelfth graders reported drinking. This is an alarming statistic because alcoholism typically begins by drinking at a young age.

Seeking Help through Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment programs can end up being the light at the end of the tunnel for addicts to turn their lives around. However, they are not interested in undergoing rehabilitation at a residential facility most of the time. Planning an intervention with family and close friends can help an addict see what they are doing to themselves and convince them to get help at a rehab facility.

Choosing a Treatment Program

A variety of different types of alcohol and drug rehabilitation are offered throughout the state of Maine. Of the 22 main cities there, most of them have rehab facilities that offer addiction treatment programs. Care should be taken in selecting one that will provide the most benefits for an individual’s situation.

The services available at addiction treatment programs can include intervention, detoxification, psychological counseling, health counseling, twelve-step programs, peer support groups, and more. Each individual will need to take advantage of a variety of these services in order to have the best chance at recovery. Rehab facilities may offer short-term or long-term treatments that are either provided through inpatient or outpatient programs.

A range of medications is now available at addiction treatment programs to help the patient through detox. Some drug and alcohol rehabs now offer alternative health treatments as well. Some experts suggest that natural medications are more beneficial for the detox process. They are better for one’s body and may improve chances for recovery. In addition to medication and traditional counseling, newer methods such as yoga practice and art therapy prove helpful for some people as well.

Having a Successful Recovery from Addiction

Enduring detox and getting help through a treatment center is an important step, but it is only the beginning. After leaving rehab, most patients will need to continue to receive counseling for their problem. Individuals should stay away from people and places that remind them of their former drug abuse as much as possible. This will increase the chances of the rehab facility treatment being successful.

Addiction Support Hotlines

AK – (907) 268-4185 LA – (337) 214-0102 OH – (440) 249-7067
AL – (256) 217-4779 MA – (617) 307-4464 OK – (405) 562-8696
AR – (501) 205-1766 MD – (240) 681-1121 OR – (541) 537-4297
AZ – (520) 979-3403 ME – (207) 221-2169 PA – (717) 798-9650
CA – (562) 206-0683 MI – (586) 276-7441 RI – (401) 256-5109
CO – (719) 694-2623 MN – (320) 281-0847 SC – (843) 206-0371
CT – (860) 812-4314 MO – (573) 303-5876 SD – (605) 370-5086
DC – (202) 509-9590 MS – (601) 707-9002 TN – (423) 244-0141
DE – (302) 342-8812 MT – (406) 203-4815 TX – (915) 288-3005
FL – (813) 527-9627 NC – (252) 364-3119 UT – (801) 701-2118
GA – (678) 905-7036 ND – (701) 484-0368 VA – (804) 767-4408
IA – (712) 266-3564 NE – (402) 261-2757 VT – (802) 277-3348
ID – (208) 228-0532 NH – (603) 821-0289 WA – (206) 452-5501
IL – (708) 377-6362 NJ – (201) 345-3613 WI – (262) 347-3369
IN – (219) 359-3151 NM – (505) 435-9622 WV – (304) 982-7023
KS – (316) 448-0320 NV – (702) 666-8590 WY – (307) 222-0116
KY – (270) 803-0012 NY – (718) 701-5945


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