How Long Does Effective Drug Rehab Take?

Most people, when they have to house themselves in a drug rehabilitation center, ask this question to themselves. This is because they need to decide how long they will have to live in the drug rehab.

Though everyone’s addiction and their body responses to the treatment are markedly different, there are some general norms that can be delineated as the timeline of the drug addiction treatment.

The first three to seven days after entry into the drug rehab center are the most crucial. This is the time when the person is being detoxified from the drug within the system. It is a very painful time too, because this is when the withdrawal symptoms will occur.

Most drug addictions will respond favorably to the detox within a week, even the most stubborn ones like the heroin and meth addictions must conform within this period. But there can be a relapse after the detox is over. A relapse can occur anytime after the detox is over, but mostly it will happen in the period immediately following the detox, if at all it is to happen.

Within a month, the person will get adjusted to the addiction free lifestyle. This is the period when the urge for the substance will reduce drastically, but it is still dangerous to leave the person out into the open world, because there’s every chance that he or she will begin the abuse again.

However, after a period of three months, even this possibility is greatly diminished. A period of ninety days is the time when the addiction really subsides and the person can be safely allowed to go home, optimistic in the hope that he or she will lead a healthy addiction-free life.

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