Long Term Addiction Recovery

Quality drug and alcohol treatment programs pay attention to the long-term needs of their patients. Rehabilitation doesn’t happen overnight. A treatment center that says you can recover with detox alone is grossly mistaken.

It takes far more than a few days to achieve long-term success in addiction recovery. In fact, it usually takes more than a few weeks or even months.

Beginning the process with drug or alcohol detox is an essential first step, but it’s not all there is to addiction treatment.

Most people want to choose the fastest and easiest methods to a better life. Unfortunately, these things don’t work in rehab. The plain and simple fact is that rehabilitation takes time in order to be successful. By stopping short or looking for the easy way out, you will be setting yourself up for failure.

Drug and alcohol addiction is a disease that takes time to develop, time to progress to level it has reached in your life, and more time to deal with in treatment and recovery. This process can’t be rushed, or you will quickly end up right back where you started with a relapse.

Long-term care includes at least ninety days in treatment. Studies have shown that this is the minimum amount of time that most people should spend in a rehab program in order for it to be effective. Even after you leave treatment, you will have new challenges to face as you continue rebuilding your life.

Aftercare is offered by many rehab facilities and continues helping patients even after they’ve left the regular program. There are many types of resources available to you if you just seek them out. A transitional living situation after leaving a rehab center is another option to look into.

Don’t overlook the importance of long-term care in the success of a treatment program. Many people continue getting some form of help for years.

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