What to Expect During an Intervention

Drug abuse causes damage to the fabric of this country every minute of every day. Every new addict is a concern, just as every addict that can find recovery is a concern. Addiction needs to be fought. But no one is going to solve the drug problem in America.

It’s like the question “how do you carry a mountain”: One rock at a time. What needs to be solved is the drug problem of the individual addict, the addict you care about.

Your son, your daughter, your wife, and your best friend. That is where addiction in this country can be stopped. If you are in need of help for a loved one there are resources available to help with an addiction intervention. You can handle the addiction intervention yourself, with the advice of a professional.

Preparing for the Intervnetion

Make a list of people who care about the addict in question. Think of the people whose words will have a real impact in the addict. Reassuring people are great, but an addiction recovery is not the place for them. Often those closest to the addict will have a variety of things to say. These different thoughts and feeling need to be presented as one voice.

The addiction intervention leader’s goal is to get everyone together. Both physically, at a location where they can meet with the addict, mentally and emotionally. Use the last meeting, the one held just prior to the addiction intervention to practice the addiction intervention. This walk through will leave everything fresh in the minds of those participating.

Addiction intervention Day

On addiction intervention day everyone needs to work together for the addict. The addiction intervention leader will be the rudder, guiding all those involved. The addiction intervention leader will keep everyone on the same page as they begin to speak about their feelings. Emotions can often swing wildly; from the out pouring of care with the positive emotions, to the honest discussion of pain and anger in response to some of the negative emotions.

It is important that the addict know, everything being said is done so because the people present care about the addict as a person. The addiction intervention leader will state this, but it needs to be reaffirmed through the addict’s friends and families words and actions.

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