Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Washington

As the name suggests, the dual diagnosis treatment program is an approach of medical science to treat two coexisting conditions in the human body in a simultaneous manner. 

In the addiction treatment program in Washington, the dual diagnosis approach is primarily used to treat the addiction along with a mental illness. 

Illnesses such as bipolar disorder, depression, stress, anxiety, phobias, schizophrenia, etc. are treated along with drug addiction in Washington through the dual diagnosis method. All these conditions have a direct bearing on the addiction treatment because as long as these conditions persist, the person will not be able to come out of the addiction effectively. For that reason, it becomes quite important to go in for simultaneous treatment.

Washington Dual-Diagnosis Hotlines

Auburn – (253) 218-4322 Renton – (425) 242-5130
Bellingham – (360) 334-6660 Richland – (509) 464-6019
Everett – (425) 212-1783 Seattle – (206) 452-5501
Kennewick – (509) 464-6018 Spokane – (509) 464-6014
Kent – (253) 656-5735 Sumner – (253) 237-1812
Longview – (360) 200-6921 Vancouver – (360) 334-6635
Olympia – (360) 339-8534 Yakima – (509) 464-6015
Pasco – (509) 464-6012 Yakima – (509) 728-9514

Basically, the dual diagnosis program will use both medical and psychiatric approaches to treat the addiction and the mental illness. First the person is led into a detox program. Now, the normal detoxification treatment in Washington can go on to three to seven days, but in dual diagnosis it can go on to much longer, because the underlying mental condition of the person will make it difficult for him or her to face the withdrawal and hence complicate things.


Once the length detox program is completed, the patient is led into a psychiatric care program. Here the patient’s mental condition is assessed by a mental health expert.

After the careful analysis, the treatment method for the person is put forward. The treatment is then followed ideally in a residential treatment center where the patient is provided all the care and attention needed to come out of the addiction.

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