Addiction Relapse Prevention and Intervention Programs in Kentucky

An intervention program in Kentucky performs many more tasks than merely helping families to convince their addicted members to get into treatment.

One of such important tasks that it performs is to help addicted persons when they are out of the treatment centers so that they do not have a relapse into the condition.

This relapse prevention that is included in the addiction treatment program in Kentucky is often offered by the intervention program in collaboration with the treatment center that the patient was admitted in and the families of the patient.

The intervention will help the patient with the discharge formalities. They will bring the patient home from the treatment center. Before this, they will counsel the people at home on how they must receive the patient so that there is no discomfort caused to the patient that might cause them to have a relapse into the addiction.

Kentucky Intervention Programs Hotlines

Bowling Green – (270) 200-4263 Louisville – (502) 416-0559
Bowling Green – (270) 803-0011 Murray – (270) 681-4822
Centerfield – (502) 265-3081 Owensboro – (270) 200-4279
Frankfort – (502) 385-0557 Paducah – (270) 803-0017
Fulton – (270) 681-4812 Richmond – (859) 904-2010
Greenville – (270) 803-0012 Warsaw – (859) 904-2041
Independence – (859) 309-6589 Winchester – (859) 759-0670
Lexington – (859) 309-6039  

Some programs for drug intervention in Kentucky will actually have someone from their team stay with the patient for a few days. They will train the patient on certain relapse prevention techniques such as meditation, breathing and relaxation exercises. They will tell the patient of the significance of becoming an active part of society once again, and will help the patients to do so. They will also help them if they are willing to take up a job again.

The main belief of the drug intervention program in Kentucky is to make detoxified drug addicts once again a part of active society. This helps them to keep away from the temptation for the substance and ensures long term treatment recovery.

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