Are Alcohol and Drug Addiction Medical Problems?

Of course! There’s no question about the medical aspect of both drug and alcohol abuse and addiction. When a person consumes alcohol or a drug for the first time, there are many definite pronounced effects on the brain. One of these effects is the increased release of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is responsible for the feelings of pleasure. When it is released, the person becomes uncharacteristically happy. This state is called as the state of euphoria. Unfortunately, the state of euphoria is only a temporary state.

The person will come back to normal state soon. This will cause a totally opposite feeling in the person, that of depression. Due to this, the person will want to take a further dose of the drug.

This is how addiction happens in the first place. If you read through it carefully, you will understand that the person who has consumed the drug for the first time can do precious little in avoiding a second dose. The specific action it creates on the brain is so strong that the person only remains as a slave in the hands of the addiction.

That is the reason why today any kind of substance abuse is considered to be a medical problem and even treated as such. Clinical counseling and inpatient treatment programs are very important in addiction treatment. An important part of this treatment is the detox, which is carried out very carefully in a healthcare facility using medication to prevent the various withdrawal symptoms that the body may experience due to the sudden stoppage of the substance abused.

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