Monitoring Your Alcohol Consumption

Since alcohol is so readily available and legally usable, the number of people into alcohol addiction far surpasses the number of people in any kind of substance abuse. Most people freely consume alcohol, knowing but disregarding the fact that alcohol is an addictive substance with serious effects on the health. There is no saying when a person’s alcohol abuse will become an alcohol addiction out of which the person will find it extremely difficult to come out.

That is the main reason why you should monitor your alcohol consumption. Alcohol is freely doled out during most social events. If you consume one peg too many, you may be creating a habit for yourself. The best way is to gauge your body’s capacity of consuming alcohol and to stick with it. You must make sure that the amount of alcohol you consume does not leave you inebriated. If it does, you need to cut down on the usage even as a social drink.

Generally, adult men can have two pegs of an alcohol drink per day and women can have one, with their sobriety intact. Most men and women will start feeling the effects of intoxication beyond this limit. It is also advisable to keep eating something when you are consuming alcohol as that helps to curb the effect. That’s the reason there are appetizers served with the drink.

If you ever feel like having alcohol when you are alone, you are developing an alcohol addiction. It is best to control your urges at this stage itself before it begins taking a mammoth toll on your life. If you cannot take control yourself, you need to seek out addiction treatment.

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